My work fulfills a desire to capture a discernible affiliation of medieval spirituality with the present day pilgrimages.  Religion and mythology allow unsurpassed inspiration for the artist regardless of historical intervention. One of the most important factors in designing and producing these pieces was the marriage of thematic imagery to primitive fired clay.

In terms of reference spirituality marks the confluence of personal expression in the language of visual form.  It warrants that the artist’s responsible social action and the creative act are one.  As vessels of meaning these works have no precise prediction. However through the exploration of certain elements they have been launched on an initial trajectory which is but one variant. The overall presence may be interpreted as being elegiac if not apocalyptic.  Naturally one is entitled to draw upon the visual statement to inspirit a personal responsive emotion.

It is hoped the work will nourish and influence the viewer with spiritual insight and resonance of the soul.

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image 1 st. patrick at lerine‘St. Patrick At Lerine’, (Free Standing)
79 x 48 x 18 cm
Raku fired clay with mixed media
image 2 with St. PATRICK at LERINE  (Detail)‘St. Patrick At Lerine’, (Detail) OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA‘St. Cuthbert At Melrose’, (Free Standing)
63 x 44 17 cm
Raku fired clay with mixed media
image 4 with St CUTHBERT at MELROSE  (Detail)‘St. Cuthbert At Melrose’, (Detail) image 5 with DESERT FATHER #1 Free Standing Piece‘Desert Father #1’, (Free Standing)
70 x 42 x 14 cm
Raku fired clay with mixed media
OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA‘Desert Father # 3’, (Free Standing)
70 x 40 x 15 cm
Raku fired clay with mixed media